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MILES Paraverse

Redefining Learning in the Digital Age

Welcome to EdITHABLE (Educational Innovation and Technology Hub + ABLE), our flagship program aimed at Achieving a Better Learning Experience for all students!

As the research and development arm for educational technology of our esteemed university, we take immense pride in fostering an environment that embraces cutting-edge technologies and innovative educational practices.

What sets EdITHABLE apart?

EdITHABLE is an episode-by-episode exploration, carefully curated to delve into diverse topics that are shaping the future of learning. It is not just a series of seminars; it is an immersive journey that embraces the transformative power of technology and its seamless integration into education.

Interactive Episodes

Engaging, hands-on learning experiences that put you at the center of the action.

Diverse Topics

Explore a spectrum of subjects, from edtech trends to digital learning strategies.

Practical Applications

Learn skills you can apply immediately, making an impact in and beyond the classroom.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with industry leaders and peers, forging collaborations and lifelong friendships.

Expert Speakers

Gain insights from top educators and tech innovators who shape the future of education.

Certificate of Participation

Celebrate your growth and showcase your commitment to educational excellence.

List of Episodes

Join us on this remarkable adventure as we reimagine education, embrace technology, and redefine the way we learn. Together, let's Achieve a Better Learning Experience with EdITHABLE and embark on a transformative journey that will shape the future of education.

Episode 1

Tech-Enabled Pedagogies: Empowering Modern Teachers with Educational Technologies

Modern teachers are faced with the challenge of preparing students for an increasingly digital and interconnected world. Integrating educational technologies into pedagogy has emerged as a promising approach to meet these challenges, providing opportunities for a more dynamic, engaging, and personalized learning experience.

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