Episode No. 1

Tech-Enabled Pedagogies: Empowering Modern Teachers with Educational Technologies

Education is a cornerstone of societal progress, and teachers play a pivotal role in shaping the minds of the next generation. As the world rapidly advances technologically, the landscape of education is transforming as well. Modern teachers are faced with the challenge of preparing students for an increasingly digital and interconnected world. Integrating educational technologies into pedagogy has emerged as a promising approach to meet these challenges, providing opportunities for a more dynamic, engaging, and personalized learning experience.

The EdITHABLE Episode 1 aims to explore and promote the integration of cutting-edge educational technologies into the teaching and learning process. By embracing innovative tools and methodologies, this episode aims to equip educators with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to navigate the dynamic landscape of modern education, fostering a student-centered approach that enhances learning outcomes and prepares learners for success in the digital era.

Resource Speakers

Manuel B. Garcia

FEU Institute of Technology, Philippines

Dr. Manuel B. Garcia is a professor of information technology and the founding director of the Educational Innovation and Technology Hub (EdITH) at FEU Institute of Technology, Manila, Philippines. He is a graduate of Doctor of Information Technology from the University of the East and is presently a student of Doctor of Philosophy in Education at the University of the Philippines. His interdisciplinary research interest includes topics that, individually or collectively, cover the disciplines of education and information technology. He is a licensed professional teacher and a proud member of the National Research Council of the Philippines – an attached agency to the country's Department of Science and Technology (DOST-NRCP).

Ronel F. Ramos

FEU Institute of Technology, Philippines

Jela Mae F. Ventura

FEU Institute of Technology, Philippines

Jela Mae F. Ventura is a passionate and experienced Creative with a proven 8 year track record of successfully leading art direction for projects in the industry; a firm believer that design solutions are best approached with empathy for the audience first. She graduated a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology major in Multimedia and Computer Animation at Ateneo de Zamboanga University and is set to finish her Master's Degree in Multimedia Arts in Mapua University by the end of 2023. At present, she has started a career in the academe and is one of the project leads of EdiTH (Educational Innovation and Technology Hub) -- FEU Institute of Technology's collaborative department aimed at developing technologies that can support the many processes of teaching and learning. Her unit specializes in developing educational videos which aim to be elevate the learning experiences of students.

Vanrom Kip P. Follosco

FEU Institute of Technology, Philippines

Vanrom Kip Follosco is currently an English Faculty member of the HSC Department and the Script lead of EdITH's Project Video Courseware.

Geliza Marie I. Alcober

FEU Institute of Technology, Philippines

Geliza Marie I. Alcober is a highly accomplished individual with a strong academic background and expertise in the field of Information Technology. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology (IT) specialized in Service Management and Business Analytics from FEU Institute of Technology and a Master's degree in IT from the University of the East. Her passion for research has led her to become an active researcher in areas such as Health Analytics, Forecasting, and social media analytics. Currently serving as a full-time IT faculty member at FEU Institute of Technology, She plays a pivotal role in shaping the minds of future IT professionals. Her proficiency extends to the administrative realm as well, where she serves as the Canvas Administrator for FEU Institute of Technology, contributing to the smooth functioning of the institution's learning management system.

Mandrake P. Calangian

FEU Institute of Technology, Philippines

Mandrake P. Calangian is a graduate of Masters in Philosophical Research from De La Salle University-Manila and is currently finishing his Doctorate Degree in Philosophy at the same university. His research interests are in the field of Ethics, Gender Studies, Hermeneutics, and Analytic Philosophy. He is writing his dissertation on the phenomena and problems of 'Moral Luck'. As a licensed teacher, he has been a college lecturer for more than 12 years. At present, he is a faculty member of the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Communications Department of FEU Tech.

Randell D. Pareja

FEU Institute of Technology, Philippines

Engr. Randell Pareja is a faculty member from the Mathematics and Physical Sciences Department of FEU- Institute of Technology. He is a licensed electronics engineer and technician. His interests include Math, Data Analysis, and a little bit of Programming. He is currently giving support as Canvas Admin for MPS and COE Courses.

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