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Units and Groups

As a collaborative department with cross-functional units from multiple FEU schools, we work together as a team to provide the best possible educational outcomes and opportunities for our students and teachers.

Online Education Unit (Canvas Team)

The Online Education Unit (popularly known as the Canvas Team) is at the heart of managing and continuously improving the online learning landscape of our educational institutions. As stewards of the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS), their role extends far beyond mere technical oversight. This team is fundamentally responsible for ensuring the platform's reliability, accessibility, and seamless integration with other educational technologies, thereby facilitating an uninterrupted and enriching online learning experience for both instructors and students.

Beyond maintenance, the Canvas Team is also deeply involved in the development and implementation of innovative policies tailored to remote education. They actively engage in training educators and learners, equipping them with the necessary skills to fully leverage the platform's capabilities. Through their efforts, the team aims to enhance the quality of online education, making it more engaging, interactive, and effective for all stakeholders involved. Their commitment to excellence in online learning environments exemplifies the pivotal role they play in the educational landscape, constantly adapting to and addressing the dynamic needs of digital education.

Geliza Marie I. Alcober

Canvas Administrator for FEU Tech

Jojit C. Alcalde

Canvas Administrator for FEU Diliman

Honeylet D. Grimaldo

Canvas Administrator for FEU Alabang

Randell D. Pareja

Canvas Technical Support for FEU Tech

Pamela B. Hsu

Canvas Technical Support for FEU Alabang

Mandrake P. Calangian

Canvas Academic Support for HSC

Rene Christopher R. Tio

Canvas Academic Support

Jose S. Barcela, Jr.

Canvas Academic Support

Jackie Lou O. Raborar

Canvas Academic Support for BSBA

Instructional Design Unit

The Instructional Design Unit embodies the creative and strategic force behind the educational content, with a special emphasis on the Project Video Courseware. This team's expertise lies in crafting compelling learning experiences that are not only informative but also engaging and accessible to a wide range of learners. Through a meticulous process of analysis, design, development, and evaluation, they ensure that the courseware is pedagogically sound and aligned with educational objectives.

By integrating multimedia elements, interactive activities, and cutting-edge instructional strategies, the team endeavors to enhance the learning experience. Their work on the Project Video Courseware stands as a testament to their innovative approach, showcasing their ability to transform traditional educational materials into dynamic, video-based learning modules. Their dedication to creating high-quality educational content underscores their pivotal role in advancing the mission of modern education, making learning more effective, enjoyable, and impactful for students worldwide.

Nicole Angela X. Ugto

Instructional Design Unit Lead

Patricia Bianca S. Taculao-Deligero

Content Production Specialist

Noreen Jem B. Caasi

Video Production Specialist

Fatima Taymur H. Vargas

Video Production Specialist

Joshua Rogelyn D. Caparas

Video Production Specialist

Virtual World Unit

The Virtual World Unit, dedicated architects of the MILES Virtual World video game, operates at the intersection of education and digital innovation. This group's mission is to transcend traditional learning boundaries by developing an immersive, interactive virtual environment where educational concepts can be explored in depth. Their work involves a blend of game design, storytelling, and educational psychology, ensuring that the virtual world they create is not only technically impressive but also pedagogically effective.

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and creative design principles, the team crafts engaging virtual scenarios that facilitate active learning and simulate real-world challenges. The MILES Virtual World video game stands as a flagship project, embodying the team's commitment to transforming how knowledge is acquired and applied. Through this virtual platform, learners are able to navigate campus life in an intuitive and captivating manner, making the Virtual World team a cornerstone of innovative educational strategies in the digital age. Their efforts underscore the potential of virtual realities as powerful learning tools, paving new pathways for educational engagement and achievement.

Clievenze Karl Quejado

Game Developer

Clark Raven B. Maranan

3D Artist

Owen N. Ualat

Multimedia Artist

Innovation Unit

The Innovation Unit stands at the vanguard of educational transformation, merging the fields of technology and pedagogy to revolutionize how learning is experienced. With a dedicated team of educators, developers, and designers, this unit's mission is to break the mold of conventional education through the creation of cutting-edge educational apps and tools. Their work is driven by a passion for fostering deeper engagement, understanding, and accessibility in learning, using digital platforms to open up new avenues for educational exploration and innovation.

In their pursuit of redefining learning experiences, the Innovation Unit employs a strategy that intertwines technological advancement with educational principles, ensuring that their creations are not only innovative but also effective in enhancing learning outcomes. By developing applications that cater to the varied needs of the modern learner, from a digital portfolio platform to microcredentials, they aim to make education more interactive, personalized, and enjoyable. The result is a suite of tools and apps that stand as a testament to the unit's commitment to pioneering new paths in education, demonstrating the transformative power of technology in expanding the horizons of knowledge and learning.

Micah M. Villaruz

Full-Stack Web Developer