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Network Map

Traversing the curriculum journey in a visually-oriented environment.

Visualize the relationships between the topics of previous, active, and future courses with provisions of learning materials.

Project Title

Network Map

Project Team

Manuel B. Garcia

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MILES Network Map is a visual-based application that exhibits the learning journey of students from one course to another with a provision of courseware materials.

With this feature, students can see what previous and future courses are connected with their active (currently enrolled) courses as well as access the materials of each module. This eliminates the need for students to constantly ask or look for review materials, which may not outline what specific topics to learn in the first place.

To achieve this, Course Network Map (CNM), i.e., the relationships between modules and courses, were determined and encoded for all courses. Courseware materials were also prepared and polished by faculty members to ensure each course contains the necessary learning materials.


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