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Teachers can plan interventions because they can easily identify students who stopped accessing their Canvas classrooms.

MILES Network Map

Visualize the relationships between the topics of previous, active, and future courses with provisions of learning materials.

MILES VO Ticketing

Our stakeholders can report any online education-related technical issues and ask for assistance using a centralized application.

MILES Credentials

Badges, certificates, and other digital credentials have verifiable metadata and dedicated pages for each award.

MILES Virtual World

Guests can take a virtual tour and students can interact with each other in a simulated world using three-dimensional models.

Project Video Courseware

Instructional videos are professionally produced to supplement existing lessons and help improve students' learning.

Digital Portfolio

A dynamic workspace where students can showcase their works, accomplishments and achievements to a larger audience.

Electronic Life Coach

A tech-enabled coaching that supports students in improving their academic experience and themselves.